Boh Song

Posted on August 15, 2008


A day that started so nicely had to ended so ‘boh song’; mind u i don’t mean ‘boh song’= no song. I mean i’m not feeling happy!

Cis Bedebah Siut!

Next time, i don’t want to go if the other party is coming la. Not trying to make u feel bad, just i don’t want to feel horrible of myself for feeling ‘boh song’ lo. Nothing to go telling the other party about.

It’s an amatuer thought and feeling, will get over it la… in time. But still won’t go next time, don’t ask me to come.

I’m petty. I’ll deal with it.


okie la i boh song for awhile only. Nothing biggie.  I’m cool.

I can’t possible get boh song with the person who brought a box of utterlicious duty-free chocolates k. So Sinfully YUMMY!


After a talk and laugh with the two direct important women in my life, cheered me up 😉

Although i got to say mommy deserves a big hug for understanding and pro-ing me! hehehe! I’m not too much, ok!

Jea on the other hand thinks i’m petty and ridiculous and funny. hahaha. Yes, i was contradicting then. i knew i was petty, yeman and ridiculous yet i couldn’t help being damn boh song k.

I shouldn’t put lansi people at heart so much. So next time, i’m not going la or gather the people. Was feeling under appreciated actually. So inorder not to feel that and go through the horrible feeling of what a horrible person i am for feeling horrid, I will opt not to attend or gather humans!

ok boh?!

p/s: the code morse is so useful today! Got to thank those two for inventing the 3 initials of TKS! ❤

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