One week.

Posted on September 2, 2008


thug… thug… thug…
THUD! ooppSie

okie upon request why the last post is still on boh song. I’m just not in the mood to blog although i have lots to say previously but it’s such a hassle to resize those shots i took during the hols or during the recent Merdeka celebrations. I have lots of drafts piling up waiting to be post but i’m so out of fire to finish off the remainders.

So here are the 4 shots of the Merdeka Celebration night.


:: juniors 2008 started out with syair or sajak::
Didn’t really pay much attention to the words but the action and intonation did caught my attention… got me zoom back during those schooling years.


:: sketch on this old man reminiscing the time Malaya got it’s taste of patriotism during the Japanese occupation::
That dude with shades there was really dancing his was into the hall la! funny and yeng@ ‘gaya’ in a way =)


:: the japanese giving up to British by handing in the samurai sword::
the only funny part from the sketch was the way those people squatting down portray the Japanese. They did their own jiggle and wiggle, hand in hand  and sound effect when walking on stage!


Hence :: MERDEKA ::
okie so they ended the show with choir =) same old same old routine but it did instill a sense of pride among ourselves being Malaysians.

So the night ended quite early. Sad to say i left early… if i lingered around longer you all would probably see my face on TV!!

TV3 dropped by my campus, they heard that we have this Merdeka Celebration going on. How nice of them isn’t it? Well they were in Madura taking a documentary film on how the Madurese prepare for the Ramadhan month. They knew that Malang have a small society of Malaysians and so they came and grouped all the students according to their states and film them shouting: ” Saya anak jati SELANGOR”! or kedah or what so ever other states in Malaysia la =p. COOL huh!

So stay tune la! u probably going to see those short clips during commercials on TV Tiga! Where some of this people were wishing Happy Independence day and Selamat Hari Raya or Selamat Berpuasa.

My internet tonight is slow gilerr…  dunno what happen! If this goes on… i think it’s because the promotion of my internet is over and the internet people are slowing down the speed. They do do stuff like this. My friends have complain of such before.

Btw… may i present u my laziest meal of the year!
taucu and mua ewe

:: taucu and mua ewe with boil french beans::

healthy and easy (lazy) meal to prepare for lazy people like me 😉