Posted on September 8, 2008


:: i am dead flat ::

My weekends were short lived with all sorts of hullabaloo! I don’t feel at peace at all many ways.

Last Weekend of August, there were many settlements needed to be done between the 2007 and 2008 batch, and a clarification on the HullaBaloo caused by the 2008 juniors, that the matters went up to the Penolong Dekan III (3rd Dean assistant). Just when everyone thought that we had everything sorted out, another matter came out this weekend.

The Malaysian society that is under the perlembagaan of Malaysia, faced a problem caused by the UMNO party of Malang boycotting the 2008 batch orientation by issueing a so called ‘valid’ letter stating that the Malay students should not attend the orientation at Wisma Malaysia of Malang.

In the name of goodness they (which was only 3 people) who wanted to prevent their umat-umat juniors from attending the orientation that may taint their ‘akhlak’. In the process this caused a racism outlook. How did the non-malays felt when their other half of their batchmates were not around when they had to wake up before 6am to go for their orientation?

We seniors felt so dissapointed and angry that the malay juniors didn’t attend. Most of us woke up early to participate in this orientation.

After wasting much time, the culprits didn’t want to explain personally what gives them the position to give a notice stating that the malay juniors did not need to attend the orientation and why was it so last minute and how come the important AJKs did not know of this until the very this morning itself.

An angkot was charted to bring 15 AJKs of the Malaysian society and Orientators to the UMNO house to settle this matter since they did not want to come over to Wisma Malaysia and settle this matter with guts.

After much verbal-tango Q&A session, they did not give us a satisfying and solid reasons of having the right to do so. The matters were brought up to higher position people to verify the validity of they words. It was outright shameful of them to mislead the higher position people and manipulated the situation to their advantage and cause such a horrendous HULLABALOO that the whole Malaysian of Malang were so outrage!

I am overwhelm by this.

Never in history there were people creating history in such manner, that caused such an uproar from all 3 races and had a public confrontation.
I am never less disappointed with the Family that i have here today, despite our differences and those little disputes we can count on each other when it comes to making the right decisions and standing for each other.

In a foreign country, in Malang- we are known as Malaysians and not by our originality of races.

I’m filled with pride to be part of the Malaysian commnunity in Malang, i don’t think i would have seen such togetherness and unity if i were to study in UnPad or any other university for that matters.

Kudos to these 150 Malaysians in Malang!