The moment of truth

Posted on September 8, 2008


the sweetest thing to hear is the chime of truthfulness -VerbatimCries

Yesteryears problems were the caused of yesterday’s confrontation. Personal grudges have marred the rationality of many, wrong way of conduction on relaying right information makes it distorted.

The disputes among ourselves here was too much that a Malay senior of mine decided to ask for help from the Malaysian students of Surabaya. Most of us were in big doubt thinking that this meeting is going to end up like the last heated verbal confrontation but it turned out to be the most enlightening meeting ever.

Encik Ishak and the other Surabaya seniors came to help us clarify things up. Which was a really good thing because he had defined the limitation of power from both PKP and kelab UMNO. So the power struggle issue is settled, that now leaves the old personal scars to be open and care for again

All the old stories from 7 years ago have to be burried but remembered, all should be forgiven but not forgotten.

I hope everything turns out right soon and batch 2008 won’t be treated as scapegoates.