Ask the Fortune Chicken

Posted on September 12, 2008


The Fortune Chicken Says:

Running around like a you-know-what with its head cut off? Stop. Relax. Breathe. **Ahhhhhh. Now that’s better.**

Yeah it feels like i’ve been running around so much with my head cut off!
Need to breathe since most of the happenings are about to end.

I learnt lots today… and for the first time i officially feel 21years old. I think i’m thinking a bit like one now or older perhaps. Anyway i’m still sticking with my self deception that turning 21 is actually being ‘legally young’! Heck i don’t like the idea of getting older, i don’t it even more that i have to be the older one now.

Guess what? I’ve been told that i have been considered to be the successor of the UAKB, Buddhist Club. I do not want the post nor am i looking forward to it. Think i need to find a way to prevent it from happening.

Later this morning there is going to be a Malaysian meeting on the chronological events of the past two months hullobaloo, where everyone is going to be told what happened and why the Malaysian Society YDP step down when there is a few months more to the next annual election meeting (AGM) plus a suggestion on closing the UMNO club here, for the club or rather the 3 main culprits have been causing a lot of racial problems among the Malaysians ever since it was establish since two years ago.

THen tonight there is going to be a 70’s event held by my 2002 seniors for the nons, funded by themselves the entire event. It’s simple but at least something is going to happen. So i heard there’s a lot of girls going to wear 70’s style sarees and there are a number of boys who are more excited than us girls in getting dress up for the event! Haha Will post pictures if possible. I think i’m going to wear the dress Jea bought for me and put on a bandana la. Huhuhu… not so 70’s but it will do 😉