Events and Socialising

Posted on September 17, 2008


Sleepy siut! But then i think i need to do a bit of updating work here:

Last weekend and Monday was one of the busiest socialising week of my life!

2002 batch seniors of mine are now doctors =) they decided to throw a party for us all and themselves a happy farewell party! Everybatch needed to perform. Needless to say, my batch won hands down! It was a big group effort for a small group of 8. The Hamper we won is still untouched yet though. I really enjoyed the performances from the juniors of 2008 batch!

So the Theme was 70’s Era.
Never ever… i saw so many people in Malang ever so excited and purposely went shopping for this occasion! Got to say *cheers* to those boys who really made an effort to dress up well πŸ™‚




On another story…
Monday all of the Chinese gathered to celebrate mooncake festival πŸ˜€ okie for the first time since i’m abroad i celebrated it la konon!
We planned to make Claypot Chicken Rice, Tong Yuen, and Mooncake!

All 2 out of three of the menu failed miserably, the tong yuen was passable but it could have been better. The last time i made with the 2008 juniors were better.

:: young Malaysians abroad ::

None of the food pics were taken. It wasn’t because it was to revolting to be taken pic of but i was too busy to take pic of food and it didn’t deserve to be photo by the way :p

:: she is the SIFU ::

To my dismay, the credits of the chicken claypot rice was given to me! By actual reality is that the procedure of cooking wasn’t mine! I did the marination only Full Stop, and the cooking style was done by another friend of mine. Sigh~ I’m being terribly framed here! The only thing that rectify the meal of the night was the “Kuchai Fried Egg”, and that was my cooking la! 9 Eggs were used in total to fry twice!

:: Indonesian Friends ::

Tsk tsk… one day la i got time i make the chicken claypot rice all be myself and show them the difference! HURM!

We ended the night we some lattern playing (konon) and walked back with Tapau-ed Tong Yuen.

Later this Evening will be my seniors ‘Angkat Sumpah’, whereby they will swear to the oath of Hippocrates and other stuff. Everyone graduating seniors must wear traditional outfit and each can bring 5 people from their family or friends. Tanu’s mom came over on Sunday and she has been doing massive cooking and cooking for the pass few days, and she’s going to be doing that for the next four more days la. Hope she will get well soon!