Hippocrates’ Oath

Posted on September 18, 2008


I swear by Apollo, Asclepius, Hygieia, and Panacea, and I take to witness all the gods, all the goddesses, to keep according to my ability and my judgment, the following Oath.

To consider dear to me, as my parents, him who taught me this art; to live in common with him and, if necessary, to share my goods with him; To look upon his children as my own brothers, to teach them this art.

I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone.

To please no one will I prescribe a deadly drug nor give advice which may cause his death.

Nor will I give a woman a pessary to procure abortion.

But I will preserve the purity of my life and my arts.

I will not cut for stone, even for patients in whom the disease is manifest; I will leave this operation to be performed by practitioners, specialists in this art.

In every house where I come I will enter only for the good of my patients, keeping myself far from all intentional ill-doing and all seduction and especially from the pleasures of love with women or with men, be they free or slaves.

All that may come to my knowledge in the exercise of my profession or in daily commerce with men, which ought not to be spread abroad, I will keep secret and will never reveal.

If I keep this oath faithfully, may I enjoy my life and practice my art, respected by all men and in all times; but if I swerve from it or violate it, may the reverse be my lot.

Yesterday was my Seniors ‘Angkat Sumpah’
:: doctors waiting to serve the country ::

This is not the convocation yet, that will be next month on the 25th of November. The university will collect all the graduating students from all the faculty and hold the convocation.

There were many parents there, friends, girlfriends/boyfriends, senior doctors dressed up beautifully and smartly. Plenty of photo sessions were going on. The event was held at 4pm so that later everyone can break the fast together. Previously, there will be lots of leftover of food so many of our seniors asked us to join them. However i think this round, lots of people ate more, especially those who were fasting.

Attending the event and watching some of these new doctors and their parents made me wonder about the future forlornly whether my parents will be able to attend my ‘Angakat Sumpah’ or my convocation later? Preferably both!

My batchmate Iku has been keeping two kids in room for the pass few days, although it is forbidden to have pets in the hostel.  So her room recently gain popularity and manage to pull many visitors (hehehe). Anyway, they are one of them most adorable creature on earth and animal antics never fail to put a smile on anyone’s face 😉

:: wabbit on the snooze ::