of raya and changes

Posted on September 23, 2008


I used to have a penchant of pouring everything out in words on the moment of emotion i am feeling, but as  i read back i saw emo or melancholy. Somehow i think it is rather unhealthy. Anyway, i’ve been running dry on words, which i find it ridicule of me. How can someone run out of words and thoughts to say? So my guess deep down i am bothered with some stuff that i can’t find myself to express it here. So recently I introverted my feelings and thoughts.

It’s tiring to absorb everything from the environment. I feel like a sponge soaking up the wrong absorbants.

U know how people switch from one phase of their life to another? It feels like deja-vu for me because i’m stuck in between two phases. Choosing one will be hard now. The cosmic of my element or world is changing vastly. A person’s social position is never the same when with family, friends, work colleagues, university and et cetera. Order is being reshuffled, to suit the present situation. It can be overwhelming.

I need a stronger reminder on to “do good and avoid evil” and “do what is right and not wrong”.

On a less cloudy note, Raya is coming =) Two weeks of hols. I could be back home but i chose not to. Let’s see how this time it will turn out. I am accepting Made’s invitation to stay with her and her lovely family in Bali. However i think 8 days without my favourite two is rather empty… ( oddly i sound like another mangkuk 7 now!)

Ahh… and to think of the kuih raya Alia gave me last year *drools*
Raya Cookies

Her aunty made these goodies and sells! Oh my, the cornflake cookies is one of my favourite after those chocolate balls!

A very Happy Holidays to all =) and for those who wants to give any type of contribution to those left out in Malang, Jawa Timur, please don’t hesistate to contact me. Money is most welcome to the funds of Left-Out-Ones-in-Malang.