Culinary kicked in

Posted on September 24, 2008


i think everyday i am worrying tak tentu pasal about something which i can’t really put a finger on besides studies. fuuhh…. feels like brain constipation to me.

Anyway… i had a huge craving for Pek Zham Kei!! *drools* this is what stress does to me anyway and it was the ayam bertutu from Warung Bali’s fault that i had yesterday. Anyway, mommy was so nice to call me after receiving my msg on how to prepare the chicken rice! Just waitng to get that particular pot and cook it!! YUM!!

It’s amazing how much of procrastination i can do! I’ve taken so many pictures on places that i’ve visited, gastronomic menu i’ve consume, yet i never post them up even when i’ve edited the pics! Bugger boo!

There was once i had a sudden interest on making my own wantan! Cos i missed my grandma’s version when she made a long time ago. Sadly i was so kiam siap with the prawnss so it didn’t taste so nice. Prawns here mahal k! My itchy hand also change the receipe… i added stuff i shouldn’t! I fried the wan tan and steam ’em… but the steam one or boiled one was tastier. Apparently, one of my chinese friend commented that the meat not enough fats in it so the texture was weird. I use mince chicken meat btw.

Wan Tan
:: Wan Tan ::

Since i ran out of wantan skin also known as pangsit skin, i decided to turn creative! I use up the chinese cabbage that i had lots to spare! Nutritious and balance! That was my first time doing it… i can’t even remember my self created receipe!

VegeRoll Meat
:: Steam Vege-Meat Roll ::

This was… XiaoDe was telling about her Taiwan trip and she ate Orr Jian (fried egg oyster)! Got me missing it! So ngam… the hypermart was selling some i bought and cooked… but tak jadi of course. So hard to wash the oyster. I think i wash nearly 10 times and i still can find sand!

Orr Jian tak jadi
:: orr Jian ::

MY green cravings! Broccoli is actually expensive here! God knows why la! Had some Pi tan and ikan billis to cooked with it.

Brocolli, black fungus and century egg
:: stir fried brocolli with Century Egg and Black Fungus ::

Once again i miss my Grandma’s Fried Prawn Egg! Did my own version… cacated! Shouldn’t have put the vege’s. Konon… balance meal!

Egg Lettuce prawn
:: fried egg, vege and prawns ::

I miss Hup Yik’s Vegetarian stall food! They make one of the nicest fried butter oyster mushroom!

Fried Oyster Mushroom
:: deep fry oyster mushroom ::

Matos foodcourt was booming with french fries stalls: K-Patats, King Fries… etc. Cost about Rp 10k a portion and u can ask for two types of sauce to go with it.

My friends and i did our version! Hehehe… i had overleft cheese from making Batik Cake.

French Fries

:: French Fries + cheese + chilli sauce ::

Those were the days when i had a fridge and TIME to cook something for myself when i fancy a certain craving =( Now no more cooking for me! Sad sad sad…

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