Posted on September 26, 2008


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Yesterday it was time to spend time with the seniors who were always around for us. Frankly, we rarely gather for a meal but we usually gather in the kost (hostel), chit chat, bbq and etc.

Most of my batchmates did not sleep, we stayed up to send our seniors off. 2 of them were leaving tonight. Them leaving has just officiate my batch as one of the older seniors now.

Tears were running high this afternoon! Sigh~ good bye can just be so hard sometimes.

There is a massive shift of positioning now. I couldn’t help but brought up the topic to my friends that night. As a thrid year seniors, how are we suppose to act? How are we suppose to guide the others? When we ourselves feel not ready for it. Are or decisions going to be the right ones?
We ourselves have no more closed seniors for good examples. We are at lost too…

Too many questions that overwhelm us that wee night/morning.

It is harder for one person to leave or miss so many people than many people to leave or miss one person.

Only my batch was sending my seniors of with a smiling face although they were crying…

For my farewell, everyone should smile happily, be merry and wish me lots of well wishes instead of crying and mourning of my absence. This way, there is less attachment and utus earsier for all to let go and go on with life.

Knowing you seniors have been one of the best privelages in my Uni life. I learnt alot from getting motivation, seeing ur views and learning about personalities. Thank you!

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