Overview: Bali

Posted on October 9, 2008


It’s been a week plus since i last blog, heh.  Well, it has been a wonderful experience being away from Malang and the norm of life. With so much drama and changes in the past one month, my nine days in the island of colours was relaxing.
Yes, as u all might have known i went to Bali. Hahaha.. It was a preplanned trip, but a spontaneous one. Ayu invited me to stay with her family in Bali since Malang will be dead. Hehehe… what an opportunity to experience the Bali way  with a Balinese family 🙂

I’m going to try to blog and put as many pic of what i did  and what i ate there :p I hope it won’t be a bore.
The rays hols was a good time for Marriage, Temple rituals and etc. I was lucky enough to witness some of the few.

I will try to blog chronologically for the remainder of my stories… but first a short entree on what went on…

Day 1

prayer offerings
:: vendors selling offerings for prayers ::

Everywhere on the road there are so many temple called Pura. It is so easy for any Hindus to stop by to pray anywhere. Each family in their own house they have their own Pura for the gods and their ancestors. Their Pura(s) are build by intricately carved stones.

Day 2

Holy water
:: holy water bathing site at Tirta Empul- Tampak Siring Temple::

Bali is maybe widely known by many for it’s splendid beaches and cheap boozes, but few only knows of its breathtaking scenery and rich culture and many interesting myth and stories kept in that island.

Day 3

Bali Wedding Couple
:: Balinese Wedding ::

Tis the season of Marriage. Love is in the Air…
Marriage ceremony are one of the busiest event- the Balinese wedding means of preparation is no feat. The whole Village will come and help prepare meals, setting up and rituals. Everyone is known as family there.

Day 4

a kid's private bathtub
:: Personal Bathtub- a visit to the farm ::

My first time staying in a village… is filled with simpleton of enjoyments and laughter just by watching how others live their life.  It’s probably every little kid’s dream to owned their personal bathtub and have the whole area to oneself. hehehe.

Day 5
some part of gua bolong
:: The Beach at Tanah Lot ::

The ever famous Tanah Lot but the pic taken is a view of Batu Bolong Temple. Tanah Lot is famous for its beautiful sunset (sadly, it was a cloudy evening for me to watch the sunset) and the temples.

Day 6 and so forth

flowers decoration
:: flower decorations on water- last few days ::

My last few days i was soaking up the sun in kuta… as many thinks the Kuta Beach is magnificent, i beg  to pardon. Kuta Beach is famous for it’s surfing site but not for it’s spectacular scenary.

I will continue the rest account of my trip on later post. Need to get back to cleaning up my room.

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