10 Criterias

Posted on October 10, 2008


Today i was asked for fun to list 10 criterias or traits in a guy that i like in.
Boy, i think i did have trouble listing down! All i know the main thing is…

1. Tall, 183cm
2. Funny
3. Sharp-Nose

(no. 1 and 3 is to memperbaiki Genetik)… Hahaha!

So the remaining of whatever i said to them was purely crap. Obviously, everyone wants a nice personality trait in a guy/girl.

Liking someone or something is like going shopping for me… I got to like it at first sight, Otherwise, you’re not worth looking at.


THink i need to go think hard about it. Hahaha. Somehow, i should turn bookish now. I must stay focus what i came here for. I seem to be forgetting the trouble and hardship i had to work myself to get me where i am at this point. Luck will not forever be at my side. Must turn yellow-mellow now.

And… NO Mother, i do not have anyone in my life. Just know you two are going to pounce me with some insane assumptions of yours.


My lazy right eye is getting a toll of me. I’m now practicing using my right eye only and it is most effing EFFING  irritating… no hope la my right eye! Sigh~
I feel like using two eyes only, but i know my left eye is overworking. I feel handicap having to use my blur right eye even with specs on.

Ingrid Michaelson- the way i am is my favourite song of the day! Go listen, i rarely listen to this kind of genre.

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