another restlessness mind

Posted on October 14, 2008


lalalala…. loom
alalalala…. loom!

I got tonnes or work but i’m working like a cow- slow, whiney but steady.
I hate doing thesis. I’m not one who likes to write about one. I’ve got my thesis title from a lecturer of mine but now all seem bleak! My LEc got into an accident! He fracture his femur and no other doctors/ lecturers wants to take up his work! We are advise to change topic but many of us are really reluctant!
Talk about being insensitive… i realize some of my Indonesian friends are much to rash when it comes to their best interest.
Today i met a most interesting lecturer- Dr. Wake Up! He is so good in speaking english… i practically was drooling on his ever-clear pronunciation and big impressions he was making… unfortunatly the lec material didn’t seem much! Apparently he is one of the nicest doc of the radiology lab. Big in size, but his dressing is so smart and loud! Another impressive thing about him is that he manage to finish 121 slides in 50minutes when the total lect time suppose to be 2 hours!! Happy us and him!

Ahhh… We girls went out and get stuff for our doctor who fractured his femur. I couldn’t wait anymore, i finally did my green curry, vegetarian style. Not enough green curry paste and too much santan! The kinda tasted like my dad’s version of fish head curry! Will try my 2nd attempt next time.

I got work piling up! I feel like digging up a hole and burn those work with gasoline! Arrgh!! EXAMS!!! EXAMS!! Now i feel constipated thinking of them!