Bali: Observing Prayers

Posted on October 16, 2008



The night before i stayed over at Ayu’s place. It was my 2nd time there only even though i known her like 2 years. I get a little edgy going over to people’s place and stay when i have a place to stay, what more when you’re a student staying in a Kost. I woke up pretty early because Ayu’s family wanted to make an early road trip to Bali. We left at 3am in the morning after having filling our stomach with Tante’s simple fried rice. Although the road was rather empty, there were quite a number of vehicles who beat us on the drive.

Om and Tante told me that the drive to Bali takes up 9 hours the most and hope i will not feel uncomfortable. *gulps* I’ve in the car the longest is for a 4 hours drive and that is to follow my parent’s ‘balik kampung’. I don’t like long road trips especially when i’m suppose to sit and do not much. Om with only a few hours of sleep actually took 4 hours to reach the Jetty!! Hahaha… he drove at a highway speed and we left earlier before the road started to pack up. Throughout the drive, Om was very informative and nice, he told me the places that we pass thru. I was mesmerize at Peyton! Peyton has Jawa’s biggest wave energy generator for electricity called JAWA POWER! The montstrous structrure looked like a abandoned ship decorated with thousands of lights! Then i passed the infamous Pasir Putih (yes, we have one in Perak,Msia and somewhere in Kelantan too!) beach! LOL, to my amusement… it was pasir Hitam i saw! Yeah the sand was black!! However, i heard the water there is clear and the place is famouse because they have many corals growing.  There are many chalets to stay there. Driving up from Pasir Puteh the roads and trees took another look… it looks like as if i went to one of the roads in europe, where birch trees lined up at the side.

Jetty at BayuWangi there is big! From the Jetty you can see the differences between the landscape of Jawa and Bali. Jawa looks terribly, bald compared to Bali. It was a 30 minutes ride.

Hinduism the Balinese style

prayer offerings
one of the road side Pura, where lots of people selling prayers offerings

Prayer's offerings
the offerings for everyday prayers

Sprinkling holy water
springklng holy water on oneself before attending prayers

Conducting prayers
a priest conducting prayers- the little jug of water is poured 3 times on the devotee’s hand to cleanse themselves on the head and with the last pour of water to drink.

Prayers at the Shrine
the shrine of the pura

Lush green paddy fields

Lush Green Paddy Fields and the Sea
Paddy fields so close to the sea!

That was moi first time seeing the way Hindu Balinese pray. Being abroad i’ve been too many of the Hindu prayer’s conducted by my friends, i hereby say Culture changes the religion by making it more distinctive in different region! Same gods but different way of praying.

My first day was pretty much like that =) obviously i had a absolutely authentic balinese cuisine on my arrival but the culinary post will have to wait.

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