Posted on October 25, 2008


last night… i ate until too full! Didn’t study and didn’t wait for midnight!

This morning… i was so excited and i dialled a hotline.

Then…. i realize, i’m one day early! DAMN!



Today is my seniors’ convocation! Sadly won’t be able to attend it. I got replacement classes for pediatrics! *sobs* I like children… perhaps i should consider going into that field but then again i just ‘like’ children. hehehehe….

I need to go find something to suck out all the contents from my stomach…

“Convocation feels like being in Batu Caves for Thaipusam!”- khutuk!

In the end after class, the bunch of us rushed over to Samantha Krida to
It was really pack with the graduates, and their parents or family members! We nearly got separated from each other @.@ All of them are don up  but because of the graduate robe they wore it covers everything! Such a waste to wear something so pretty!
I shall be wearing a nice long skirt but just bikini for the top!
That’s because it is so hot! All of them were glistening  big time…. kesian.

Took lots of pictures of them and this is one of the few favourite poses =)


CONGRATULATIONS! You are all now Finally DOCTORS 😀