<3 motivation imported

Posted on October 27, 2008


So there is pillow talk, heart to heart talk and now blog to blog talk. =) hehehe

Anyway i don’t know what got into me to clean up my room partially when i could sit down and study. Well it feels good… my floor feels silky smooth!

Exam paper was horrible as usual. Can’t recall when i thought my papers were fantastic! I just couldn’t wait to sit down i catch up with one my fav person on the net.
I was laughing and mood pike up after reading the most heartfelt, blog to blog talk.
I was really happy to be able to talk to you, Jea and Egypt Queen cos it’s been awhile and i needed the motivation somehow.

The phrase i remember from Egypt Queen is
” Read and read and REad and REad”!

hahaha… it’s rather the usual recipe to studies and it rings true to it’s effectiveness.

I had a few local motivation which leaves me pondering more whether am i on the right track. Nevertheless i feel better.

But now i rather feel the glum of glums! Feeling in despair whether i am able to memorize or that names and mechanism that i must or i shall be doomed.

Sigh! I’m blessed to have so many people wishing me luck and motivating me ❤

Even motivations can be humouring…
“Take your exam happily tomorrow. Don’t over stress yourself and good luck. All the best, score the best, beat the rest!”

“Exam is part of life. Grow up and face them happily. Happy exams tomorrow. You can do it. Gambateh.”

(hahaha.. take it happily?! Now that is a wonder for me! Exam is not part of life Life but Study life… OBstaCles is part of life.)

“God only helps those in need. Wishing you all the best. I believe you don’t need god’s help as He already gave you what you need to face tomorrow’s exam. You can do it as long you trust yourself.”

( that one i like best!!)