Happy Diwali

Posted on October 27, 2008


Happy Diwali to all who celebrates this bright Festival of the year =)
May the light guide us to Enlightenment in all.      ~ VerbatimCries

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My Monday morning of this year is not the mundane… when u have exams are Deepavali celebration all in one go! Me seniors girls were cooking from last night until this morning, they prepared a feast for all who celebrated Deepavali. I’m most fortunate to be able to join this joyous occasion (although my batchmate and i had exam at 1030).
Breakfast was one of the most satisfying one i ever had in Malang! hahaha.

Senior Cook menu of the day is:
Thosai, Chicken curry, Sambar, Chutney! hhahaha *drrools* We all had so many rounds! Even after exams we wanted more! She and the others will be cooking more for the dinner gathering later! Hopefully i will be able to snap a few pics and post up tmr when get the time to release some tension.