Happy Halloween

Posted on October 31, 2008


A post not for the faint heart.

Happy Halloween

*view if you dare*

B O O!


Spook yet?

Actually not very scary also isn’t it? hehehe

Well, i’ve not never celebrated Halloween before. In Msia it is either a party thrown to celebrate with costumes all on or not and Indonesia, it is an occasion that is not celebrated at all, however how heap their POCONG, KUNTILANAK… etc stories and movies are.

Every Halloween is bound to be during the exam period for me. Hence i’m in my room doing what i do best, procrastinating and editing pictures that i like.

Oh ya, anyone knows how to crack code for Photoshop CS3? I’ve d/l it from the net since the 2 photoshop cd’s that i bought is not working… sigh~ during setup it told me to insert my Photoshop CD when i’ve already done that! Funny! I can’t figure it out. As for the one that i d/l online… i need a code in order to use or i can only use it for 30 days trial 😦

That is sad… one fav past time of mine gone.

Anyway previously i posted something on Art and Food… i’ve found more creative pictures on this!

Visit FoodieHead’s photobucket on Food Art.