Posted on November 6, 2008


Have you ever witness something good and it makes you feel good all over your body?

I just did!

And i’m feeling good about it.

It makes me sit back and think that, would i have done the same thing like how he did to advice that girl and pin-point out her mistakes? I know i would havel obviously ignore her for the fact that she has aggravated me so and has been such a pain in the neck for giving so many excuses and because she doesn’t seem to learn from mistakes. Can anyone be that dense or just not care?

Great to know there are still people who does that and it is because they care. Feeling lucky to know such a person.

Anyway, it is the season of sickness. Rainy season always bring virus and bacteria to their optimal health. Lots of people so far are purging, nauseous, lack of appetite, vomiting, and having fever.
Anyone out there from Malang reading this please take care of yourself and be in good health. If your immune system weakens now, it’s going to be quite suffering.  Drink plenty of water which u can get from bottle drinks (try not to take cold drinks with ice), and eat freshly cook food. If you’re having flu get plenty of rest!

Toodles! Radiology exam tomorrow and lots of social catching up to do! I’m in dire to do something else beside nerding in my room.

p/s: Long time senior smsed and called, she send her regards to you girls, that means Sarah you too. She made my day ❤

p/p/s: the other day Jea was over slaving herself at work, she only got off at 9pm.
today i’m seeing d breadwinner of my family is still slaving at his desk when he should be at home
having dinner by now.
long time senior said that life in hospital is super busy and she has no life!

Poor working people.

Last night i stayed up and study until 4am.
poor student.