Running thoughts

Posted on November 11, 2008


Having so much to think now is no fun. Day dreaming is but this is no fun. I can’t put a finger on what exactly is bothering the most, because i have far too many things all tangle and jumble in my head. I want to find peace from within or my environment mostly.

I’m blaming myself for certain things lately.

There is this writing competion from the Malaysian Society Headquaters coming up, which i plan to partake in. Hopefully one of the few will get publish. Hope i get inspire to write on something worth while. Winner gets RP200k, one free copy of the latest Polaroid magazine and a certificate. Not that i want any of those. Just getting something publish will make me feel happy and feeling good about myself. Which i have been not recently.

I’m going Jogja this thurs night, will be playing futsal for the girls team in Malang. However, i’ve this naggy feeling inside and it is a negative one in me. When i feel like that, it will happen. It’s all how i take it and i have to shake that feeling off.

AGM of the Malaysia Society board is on the run again. I don’t want to hold any post anymore because being a very emotional person i tend to absorb my feelings and other’s easily. Which makes me get somewhat stress to a certain level and i start thinking. Ok… it doesn’t effect my studies just that there are times that i need to feel entirely peaceful. Though i am proud to take a stand with the board members and help out the Malaysian’s here.

Long time senior called =) we did little gossiping and updates. hehehehe… I miss her being around (i never thougt i will say this). It’s soothing and comfortable having someone older to you around. Makes my life easier to judge. Lol… well i miss the bonding we have and the company.

Yesterday was having dinner with TheGalNextDoor at a lalapan shop where we were join shortly by another couple of ladies. My friend have to start tease me la that i met my kind there. Hahaha. not a bit deal actually but it is rare to see any local chinese here eating at common road side place. Something was intriguing about her according to my friend. The chinese girl on the other table was looking at me and she spoke english… k that is rare! Suddenly, she asked me whether i was a chinese. I smiled and said yeah. Thinking to myself, oh boy, finally someone who got my race right for the first time in so many months! She also asked if i was from China in mandarin. Apparently, she’s a teacher in Machung University at Tidar, Malang. That is cool! Her companion told us that there are 3 lecturers from India too! That is really a international Uni. hehehe. They invited us to their university. Now that is random.

In the angkut  this morning, this cute middle 30’s old man was happily striking conversation with me. He was very excited having to get chance having foreign passengers. He got my race right! Hahaha and he was happily telling me the South America student he befriended with from UM. So friendly! That he makes me wonder at that time… how come strangers strike conversation with me so easily??

Today, Aji was finalising the class Jacket design and wordings, he called me up again to ask me what are those words and sms him. Then he called again…

Aji: VC do km tau gak kenapa aku telefon kamu lagi?

VC: Gak eh… kenapa sih?

Aji: Kata-kata mu akan dipakai 47 anak. hahaha

VC: eh? oh….

Aji: ngerti gak?

VC: gak.

Aji: Acronym yang kamu tulis itu akan dibawa oleh semua anak-anak di Jas nanti. hahaha

VC: *omg* iya benaran lu! Hahahaa.

Oh my… i’m… i haven’t thought of it that way, because it is just words. The way he put it, makes me feel that i left a mark on 47 jackets for eternity! That is something memorable for everyone.
I do hope he realises that the jacket that he is taking charge, designing and creating is something that 47 people are going to wear for life! Which is a big memorable thing for us all to remember too ! ^^

There is always something about Aji that i can not dislike him about =) He takes care of my batch Msian’s welfare pretty well. I’m not sure the other notice that or not.

Feeling grateful!  Recalling the conversation makes me happier~!  ❤