*cough cough*

Posted on November 17, 2008


gastro-condition: a little hungry
respiratory-condition: expectorant and coughing
physically-condition: no more tired

Got back from Jogja at 4am in the morning! Whee… =)
JOgja was fun if it wasn’t for the rain.
Although 3 days there, i felt as if i was there for one week but when i was in bali i didn’t feel i was there for a year!

Anyway… Jogja was kinda a big hoo hah and a bit of everything else. The girls futsal supposedly was to be something fun but turned out something else. Evidently, it is the lack of chemistry of 3 peoply to everyone else. Yes, as IRonChef said, i should stop playing along with PS. One should shoulder their own actions isn’t it? But what if you could make it a less uglier scene and appease both sides? Would you have mind your bussiness or try to help out? I chose the latter one.
I don’t think i’ll be doing it again. Once is enough.
Life here is full of drama rama that makes it so hard to talk about it. If only things were as simple as it seems.
Cough is really irritating but i reckon i won’t develop asthma yet.

Thurs evening, a few of us gather together and a simple outing cum celebration for Akka. We took lots of photos at the food court with lots of poyo poses and so on. But the best part when the six of us gals were in a small box taking a semi-professional photos. It turned out great =) Half of us don themselves with hats that was provided as one of the few types of props there.
Posing can be really hard at times!

Shockingly to me…  one of the shoot made me come to realise the little resemblance shared between my Long-Time-Senior and I that others sees.

On a random note, seriously dislike it when people misspell my surname. You can misspronounce or misspell any of the names that is written on the Birth Cerificate, except for the Surname!
However in this time i’m not so aggitated because i was praised shortly in an entry and i am living up to the vow that i kept to myself that i shan’t be like that CSW who had carelessly tossed a remark which felt like a slap at the face for me until now when i think of it, my blood boils.

Pharmaco exam is causing another problem. The lecturers here, (omg) i don’t know what to say about them. I’m feeling absolutely nothing when it comes to them. I’ve accepted the fact 6 months ago that they are like that. There will always be problems occuring for me and my classmates when it comes to pharmaco. This time the issue falls upon all 47 students. Whatever it is… i hope the lecture(s) comes to their senses and stop this commotion of accusations.

“A student will truly love and enjoy a subject when they have great teachers to teach them”
in this case… i can’t say the same for Pharmacology or the Lecturers there as well.