me, her… I’m Out

Posted on November 18, 2008


It’s either me or her… or i’m OUT!

Sounds rather selfish isn’t it? In certain aspect, yes. I refuse to be put in the same position as her. I’m not sure i’m up for the everyday battle if there was one with her.

Right now, i feel that she shouldn’t be in this, cos if she is it will be so havoc.
Changes are always meant for the good, but i’m fill with negative charges telling me something wrong is going to come out of it.

I am preparing myself to let go of all the self involvement that i’ve done in the past, to welcome the new changes that is yet to come.

“I like you but it does not mean i agree with whatever you say”- VerbatimCries

Childish of me to not be able to overcome myself to work with you, but it is hard for me. I don’t think i will enjoy it.

By the way, i’m chosen as a candidate for a position is the Malaysian Society again. Pray hard for me that i don’t get it. I am disinterested.

I want to focus something else… like myself more again. I cannot take the power crazy shit going around the house. For those ambitous ones congratulations that you manage to make your way through, i hope they do think what is best for the students here instead of following their emotions and super-IT-ego on what they want.

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