Happie x3

Posted on November 20, 2008


3 main reasons to be hyperly-happie 🙂
1) my friends and i got our Thesis title approve and lecturer to supervise our work!
2) I manage to let go “waste” after how many weeks of constipation… so relieve and syiok k
3) I’ve taken my dinner and i’m happily full that i can fall asleep.]

Weather tonight had to be cold to make me eat so much!

My first movie in the cinema for this semester….

oh i manage to watch Laskar Pelangi! So much promotion was going for that latest famous Indonesia movie. It is reccomended to watch. Nice storyline. The Bahasa Indonesia slang is so Malaysian! That is because the setting was based in Sumatera. It got a little teary towards the end, because the geniuses of the kids had to give up his dreams and education in order to support his siblings for his dad died at sea.

Need to be more hardworking (again)! Please let me have all the rajin-ness in the world!

On another note… i’m accused for being a devil since i give homework on religion >.<” What a pity it is if one knows nothing of their religion and still follow the faith blindly. It is one of the requirement needed in this student activity and i’m being labeled the bad person. Well i never told them i was an angel, terrible of them to think i was one! What would have Lucifer thought of me? There goes my bad name! I’m actuall the Devil’s Advocate.

Christmas decorations are seen in MATOS! Ooohh… Santa dolls and mini Xmas trees are on display. fuhh… what fun it is! I love the atmosphere 😀
I think i want to visit the Ijen church like i did last year with IronChef!