A Moment to Remember

Posted on November 21, 2008


A few weeks ago i felt emo and wanted to watch a movie just to cry. I borrowed the movie and didn’t watch it until now. I saved the movie in my laptop. In my un-emo state, i watched the movie that now turned me emo! 😦 Humbug!! Gosh… i think this is the 4th romance movie that can make me cry like buckets! Thankfully i watch it alone, for my eyes are all swollen and blotchy, my nose block… i look and feel terrible.

I blame Jea for suggesting to watch A Walk to Remember. I remember crying buckets in the cinema and came out still overwhelm by the movie and ended crying all the way back ): Man, it was embrassing!
I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the novel after that to get the full detail of  the story… as predictable i shed buckets reading the book.

The Notebook is such an sweet, heartfelt love story! Written from the same writer who wrote A Walk to Remember. It made me cry buckets watching the movie and reading the novel. I’m begining to wonder whether the author is such a mellow fella who actually loves to make girls cry.

P/s: I love YOu is one of the sappiest and funny love story i’ve read. Ultimately, the book is always better than the movie. I watch it twice somemore! I just can’t get enough of Gerard Butler. Gawd… i didn’t like the actress! I wish there were better ones.

A Moment to Remember or in Korean known as Nae Meorisokul Jiwoogae is like the combination of those two movies, tells a love story afflicted by the onset of aging memory, just like The Notebook. Two young love birds met, fell in love, inherits a disease- Alzheimer, battle it together… cry… cry.. cry. The movie is rather long one, 117minutes that divides into 4 parts of the movie.

The first segment of the film, staged in romantic comedy style, introduces the protagonists, a woman named Su Jin and a man named Chul Soo. The movie highlights their accidental meeting in a convenience store and confusion over a can of soda, followed by their subsequent courting despite the social standings that should have kept them apart.

The second segment follows the couple now settling into married life. Su-Jin learns to be a housewife as her husband cares for her. But as the segment progresses, Su-jin begins to display forgetfulness, including an incident in which a fire breaks out because of a forgotten stove. While Chul Soo caught the fire in time, the seriousness of the incident and others draw them to seek medical help.

The third segment involves the revelation of Alzheimer’s disease and the couple’s consequent response to it. Su Jin is heavily burdened by the knowledge that she will forget her husband and hides it from him at first until he seeks advice from the doctor himself. Despite the disease, they make the commitment to stay together and as the disease progresses, the trials the couple go through increase because of Su Jin’s forgetfulness.

The fourth segment reveals Su-jin in the final stages of the disease and the grief Chul Soo experiences because of it. Yet he remains beside her, despite her lost memory, hiding his eyes behind sunglasses when he visits her so she can’t see his tears.

The end of the movie finishes off with Chul Soo replaying the first time they met in the convenience store with all her friends and family in the store. Chul Soo takes her back to the retirement home as they are driving off he finally tells her he loves her.


This are love stories that make you cry for they show what length a person might go and do for their other half.

I feel like a big SAP now!! *cries*

VC recommendation for all you people out there who wants to watch heart wrenching love story movies. The main story line maybe the same but the whole thing is utterly good!
It’s really good since i’ve not written a review on movies for a long while… you should give this a thought 😉

Sigh~ i’m going to cry again… feeling heavy hearted.