Posted on November 21, 2008


A thing for blogthings. Yeah.. i love doing those quizzes they have there to figure out more about me and see how accurate the outcome is. It’s entertaining for me =)

The best part is.. the nice part of the quizzes just pleases my ego.. and the bad parts just makes me want to change it. hmm…

Back to the main topic on approachable.
Ever since being in Indonesia i find myself or rather i find strangers find it easy to talk to me, back in Msia this would not happen.
Motorbike riders will stop by the roads and ask me for directions, local people from outstation here will park their car and ask me for directions, Angkot (like Thailand’s “tut tut” public transportation) driver will chat me up, a senior from an unknown batch will talk to me as if we are old friends, a girl who i mistaken for another will happily chat with me… omg! I will layan all of them. I just don’t have the heart to end the conversation rudely to a stranger… unless they caught me in a really bad moment! It does surprises me at times why i am like so. It is seriously dangerous if i am like that in Msia! At times i feel the small city people here are much safer than whatever crooks that they have in Msia these days.

You Are Very Approachable

You can talk to anyone, and it shows. People are eager to start conversations with you.

You are open and friendly. You are willing to connect with almost anyone.

While it’s great to be approachable, there is such a thing as too approachable.

Eventually someone will try to take advantage of you. Don’t be afraid to say no or end an awkward conversation.

So buy me coffee or a drink people and i will chat you up šŸ˜‰ hehehehe…
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