Posted on November 24, 2008


Have you recently felt depressed? Alone? Abandoned by your family and friends? Misunderstood by the world? If you have, and like to express your feelings and emotions through poetry and music, chances are you’re what today’s society considers “emo”. – wikiHow

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A darling friend asked me a couple days ago…
“Why do you emo?”

If i were ask a few days before that or a few years back wouldn’t have an answer for it or to explain to anyone.

So why am i emo? Base on the definition from wikiHow, i’m all the above. Surprise.. surprise! Ok, hold on… it is not as dramatic as you are picturing in your head… allow me to unravel a thing or two of my emoness habits.

When i was younger, i have already develop moodiness. I guess i’ve always been choleric at a young age, especially when i don’t get things my way. I will stomp my feet… as what my dad call the Flamenco dancer moves and put on the sourest face to show my displeasure. The amount of scolding i get from my parents… especially Egytian U. Queen.
Right until now i am moody but i’m much more incontrol of it now. Although i do like to be left alone or leave people when i’m in that state of mood. So from somewhat extroverted i became introverted. However, some people think i’m an extroverted indivdual who is happy go lucky and bubbly. LOL 🙂 Oh well, i may seem that way, but mostly i feel introverted in the end when it comes to myself.

I may be blunt when it comes to the truth yet i can be very vague on personal matters. Some things just can’t be told to everyone.

Somewhere out there, there are always someone needing an ear to rant, a person to hear them, and a friend to listen to what their heart is trying to say. I do try to be there for those who needs an extra pair of waxy ears, it is always FOC as long as i am not occupied with more important things. As long as it makes you happier after you tell your heart out. But then… i’ve this most burdening trait that i tend to keep the rants of others in me and the emotions builds up with the ones i have of my own. Eventually, i turned emo when the threshold reaches.

Wondering why i don’t go telling others of whatever i’m feeling? No point making them emo too right =p hahaha. Just that, there is so many times a good friend or a close friend can take your emoness before they get frighten of it or bored. Don’t want to burden them. So what i do is i channel those emotions into Verbatim and cry it out in virtual reality where i know there will be someone reading yet not feeling the burden after reading whatever i’ve typed out.


It’s different when a person listens to someone telling their issues and when you read about it.
It’s different when a person tells their issues and when they write about it.

Some are verbally more eloquent, some are more articulate on paper.

All in all, i emo because i got lots of pent up emotions that i’ve not been able to release fully that the only way for me to do it is to type it out. It’s a therapeutic way for me to put precise thoughts into words at night and for me to introvertly think over what happened over the day. If ever i’m feeling to stressed out i will sing out loud.

Be rest assure, I here, am not the emo sort that feels that life is at the end of the world or suicidal. I just mope for awhile on my own and will bounce back to life after a good night of sleep. No worries 😉
Everyday is a new day of new opportunities to me.

I’m happy i do have a few pairs of good ears that are ready to listen to what i’ve to say if i ever i ask 🙂 Even so, forgive me if i choose not to. It is not that i’m secretive, it is because somethings are just not worth telling.

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