Posted on November 24, 2008


One of the littlest things that makes me happy is to share the Dhamma or something about Buddhism to someone else. It is like reliving the times i had when in Sunday School. Although i do dread to go for classes on a Sunday but still the fond memories of learning the Dhamma does leaves a sweet feeling. Maybe it is because i miss those days when life was much simpler and not so jaded. Saying that, i admit i’ve become most complex than before and upthight about certain things in life. Listening to the Dhamma again makes me feel somewhat younger and innocent. (heh!)

The last time i brought my Wednesday friends to Ngadat temple, this time i brought friends’ of the same number- Seven along with me and it is a harmonious combination of 3 different faith going to the templePhotobucket

:: Huggy and Hyper with the rest of the Buddhist students of Brawjaya::


:: mindfully walking encircle the whole path before taking alms ::



:: Bhante Khanti ::

This is the head of the Bhante of the temple, who speaks good English. Every year i get to meet him once. He once told me and my parents that Sayawdar from SJBA did came down here to stay in this temple before. Bhante is is so old but he is still healthy. It saddens me to see his hands and fingers shaking everytime when he holds something, if only getting old needn’t have to be frail…


:: Orientasi UAKB UniBraw 2008 ::