Vote me… she’s out!

Posted on November 25, 2008


Resting is very important. I had the best NREM (non rapid eye movement) Nap ever for this Semester! Thanks to the pouring rain and the happily filled stomach *humming peacefully*

I think I just pissed someone of internally this morning! hahaha… omg.. i still have the knack to do that! Makes me wonder whether that person is still going to talk to me because i was ignore the whole day and i’m fine with it. More than fine actually =) Cholerics both we are and needn’t get upset over this matter, when all i did was to pose a sarcastic comment. We’re both young adults but what amuses me was that person had to phrase, “your friends is the one that make the most complain”. Uh-huh… my friend =) true enough my friend and i are close but that person could just mention the name instead of phrasing it like that. That person is my friend too. The word “your friend” as referrence can be degradatory when phrase it like that.

It is so not fine when anyone decides to protect them self and blames a few more innocent people into a situation that they make the most racket on. Actions always speaks louder than words. Just own up for what you did, there’s no need to play passing the parcel. I for one can pin-point out who were the ones who were keeping their silence on that matter of the incident and can point out those who are like-minded as well. How dare you try pulling me into this and start using words such as “your friend”?

On a bimbotic note:
I think Taylor Swift has the nicest curls ever!!

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taylor swift Pictures, Images and Photos

Taytay♥ AGAIN!♥ Pictures, Images and Photos

Does she looks 19 to you?

I want curls like that the next time. Shouldn’t have done half a permed head, i rather like my first permed hair. I so need a hair cut, and here won’t do! I don’t want to get my hair “catok”- temporarily straighten for a while in order to cut my hair >.<

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