200 signatures

Posted on November 26, 2008


OOOffFF… i’m tired 😦
I got lots of work some more! I need a nap.
Was out since 3 something in the evening til 7 something in the evening just to leave my signature on 200 papers to verify the document printed for the 2008/2009 AGM of the Malaysia Society here. For that i have not included the hundreds of paper cutting i helped out because of some printing error and miss out, the bulk of copies i carried from campus to a place near the hospital. Man, what were they thinking when they asked so many of us to go that house to just to sign?! It was quite inconvenient but in the end… the idea was great since there were a few errors in the report

I’ve been nominated to be the 2nd auditor for the coming AGM election. I’m not so thrilled about it because that means having to tie a commitment to responsibility which i was so looking forward of letting go. Hiah~
I would love a massage now please. Thank you.

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