small stuff

Posted on November 27, 2008


it is always the small stuff irks us. The minutes stuff that gets into us. Maybe because the minutes details are always easier to foresee than than the bigger picture and easier to achieve.

The feelers are always feeling more of the toll of the small stuff but the rational thinkers are less bothered by it.
Guess we should all stop looking backwards and always look forward for things in the immediate and long run to change the turnings of life, that is the only thing we can take charge of right now. To mope and wallow in yesterday stories is just too sad, when there is much we change in the brighter tomorrows =)

That above i was referring to me mind you… i may sweat on the small stuff but i get over it quickly enough to bounce back to myself.

And so i’ve accepted the fact that i may or may not get the a position in the board of Malaysia Society, i was once adamant to leave a few changes when I am inside. However, the feeling died off soon enough when things got so overwhelming for me. It’s not a situation i look forward but it was something to go through and learn at the end of the day. I will accept whatever i will get and make the best of it, and try to make big and small changes for the best everyone. The very least i take comfort in is to be able to make changes for the better! =D

For those who are dear Malang ones of mind… you all better be prepare to see a more overwhelm and discombobulated person if am in the board. Pick  me if you think i will do a good job, don’t think whether i want it or not.

On another hoo hah happening… politics and power crazy get ugly in any place. The worst thing the voters or people can do is to unappreciative what the current leaders have done in the pass and bad mouth their dislikes outside their social circle. Do it within your social circle.. everyone has the right to voice their opinions but not sabotage other people. What happen to the idea of a clean campaign? These people can be all talk and emotions but are such a disappointment when it comes to themselves and applying it. Even i who didn’t contribute most to the table feel the pain that my friends are. Plain unfair and hurtful. Unnecessary disputes have now arise…

I tihnk i now understand how Pak Lah feels 😦



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