All in a day’s work…

Posted on December 3, 2008


I realise for the third time i’m doing this… i should stop editing pictures from camera before giving others or at least have the habit to create another folder. Someone quite happily stumble upon my site and had the knack of changing the blog name that sounds similarly like mine… Yeah, i know immitation is the best form of flattery!

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Godamnit… my thesis proposal got rejected for the third time from a different lecturer! HumBug… i’m turning numb on this one. Optimism can go this far somehow.

A good friend once told me:”success is falling down 10 times and getting up 11 times”!

It’s rings true to my ears. Will rant on this another day because i’m throwing a little more faith on this one before i let go some colourful words.

Tonight i heard much jargon from a particular event… it was so idiotically distasteful to my ears that i couldn’t help the spontaneity of the face i made. Seriously, someone needs to know how to throw in the right questions at the right event and time. I wonder what goes in their minds before they speak. JJ and wife came all the way from Jakarta to give us speech, i mean the new batch mainly and the new plus old AJK needed to attend as well. After much self praise and ‘angkat diri’ (which i find it rather a remarkable trait of that man), questions such as the importance of the Malaysian Society Club, the qualification to be part of it were being asked. It’s fine that the younglings wanted an affirmation of their understanding, but do not turn around and roll your eyes at us. Every little eyeball and neck muscle twitching… i remember! What point are you trying to prove?
One of the most irksome statement of “never use otak” before speaking is on the education system of the university here. Ermm… may i know why was the question thrown to a person who has nothing to do with your education system in your university at all? Come on, go ask you lecturers the KBI committee or even the upper batchs… speaking for the rest, we do feel very transparent and obsolete, whatmore after witnessing this… can anyone be more translucent than it already is?

Smirk all you want.

Words from the Long-Time Senior
” you will never know what it is like to be a senior until you become one”.

On a satisfying note =)
For the first time in my life i got a little too excited and bouncy for receiving a  certificate! Really! I was never one of those people who are Certificate’s Hunter. I couldn’t care much less if i didn’t get one, even if i did it does not make me care more. However, this certificate is not like any other one…. It has my IC number on it!! Now that is something significant!

By the way, malang students out there who loves to buy “chilli giling” and “tau foo” please becareful for those are highly preservative! Tonight, four people were rushed to the emergency ward (UGD) for anti-histamines! Anaphylatic can be very dangerous because in severe conditions it will restrict the airways. All just came back safe and sound and looking better, although one of them the face is still in a big swell.