Posted on December 3, 2008


I’m upset with the out turn of some things that has been going on!

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First of all, when everything was going as smooth as a baby’s butt, some rashes of the hiney had to change the whole discourse of plan! Four of us had our proposals rejected twice because of the whims and fancy of Lecturers. When we finally figured something on our own and it got accepted by the head of Methodology department and was told on who’s our first Lecturer of guidance we were all bouncing with joy. Heck, he’s one clinical doc with a fine reputation and rather hard to catch in the hospital. It’s ok it may be abit of a hassle but we can deal with it. Despite with all the on goings of busy schedule we manage to finish the 2 main chapters in less than a week.

So, doc was out station for a week when we wanted our first consultation so it got postpone until tuesday. What a deceiving sunny day it was!
In the meeting room while we were getting all nitty&gritty, a voice from the far end room just had to bust some comments. For god sake! Not only that figure of a person was RUDE, he was most inconsiderate, selfish and has an air above him- he’s a prof with an attitude! Prof made it clear that he DID NOT CARE what we think and it has to be his way or the high way!

For the love of Mother Mary…
We were consulting our own lecture but he had to poke his nose where it does not belongs! FISH!! We have a freaking Dateline to reach. Although we are merely students, I for one feel like a tennis table ball instead. After much dominating one way conversation, we were in bleak situation that from the outside we actually look like goats gotten snared in a trap- into getting us doing his self project and letting our own thesis rot!

ARRGGHH…. that man and his title! Oooggg! Why couldn’t doc tried better in understanding the plight that we are facing? To think we have been here 2 years now, we seem to not be able to commnicate with them. Frustrating as hell! Adults never listen!

The best doc could do (other than holding his silence in respect for the other senior prof) was to offer his help to start with the new topic given to us. He told us that in two weeks time all will be done. I beg your pardon? We’ve exams to study for, seminar to attend to and weeks of putting off quality time with books just for this! We all will be more grateful if we were given the chance to at least continue with what we have done, do the presentation just for the Methodology year end exam requirement; and would consider working as free labour on prof’s work. Seriously i would have because i saw a few opportunities in doing so.

Where else my two friends’ were upset and shattered, the other two of us were trying to be optimistic about it. However optimism did slip away too soon… it was three pessimist against one and i was having a big lump in my throat that afternoon (no i wasn’t sulking when i couldn’t make the call home). Anymore mentions of the thesis i was doing was good enough to trigger rain drops.

I’m more fired up now… i’m going to give the lecture some blunt facts of problems we are facing whether he wants to listen i need to make him listen. Fed Up.. being push around just because i’m student and you’re someone. Now i have to find a way to cool this rage and tell him nicely if not i’ll look so ultra rude and unrefine.

When life gives you lemons, just made lemonade out of it!!