Cool Cat

Posted on December 4, 2008


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HeReee HeReee… my proposal dilemma is solve!!

Much thanks to darling Bu Win! She took a big chip off our shoulders. I’m not going to elaborate on the happenings. To those who worried, especially Pau… it is all good now (for the moment). I hope no other problem will arise for the time being.

Exams are coming… so unprepared. Will go bonkers mode soon.

Pau good luck on your exams! Give it your best shot k… see you back in Msia! And do get some Sweddish lad back to SJ yo!

Hmm.. Lots of people are traveling! Egyptian U. Queen and Chow Yun Fatt seem to be as well! I want to go ITALY too!! Can you get me masquarade mask? I don’t want any Italian mafia or Vespa.

Ridiculously contented now šŸ™‚