Tis the season to be nerding…. Falalalala lalalala

Posted on December 7, 2008


There’s going to be another long hiatus. Exams are creeping around the corner. I’m going to have neurology exams this Saturday. Simply smashing subject but theory and practical is harder to correlate (just to name a few) when it come to Stroke, Migraines, Guillain Barre Syndrome… etc.

Parents are in Italy and i think the household is awfully quiet for hols. Surprisingly none of the siblings are online at all… hmmm! Grannie is doing well =) Now it’s one month plus till home coming 😀 Hopefully the peeps from Aussie will stick around till February!

This pass seven days there’s been some news from TheStar Online on the medical students and the sanity of the upcoming medical doctors… which leaves some of us wondering and evaluating ourselves.
In a couple of years during my clinical time, i probably turn very much depress due to the Jawa language; during the 2 years housemanship i will look haggard compared to my actual age, due to extreme fatigue i will snap at everyone and probably turn neurotic and psychotic; if i ever turn psychotic and neurotic the public will especially doubt on my education i undergo, they probably won’t think i’m cut out for this; At the end of the 5 years of drilling and additional 3 years minimum of toiling on sweat and youth… i’ll be a certified CUCKOO in the health field.

:: care for a cupt of tea with mad-hatter? ::


Happy Hari Haji Korban tomorrow.

… back to nerding…