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Posted on December 11, 2008


Palpitation… palpitation… palpitation… of the heart.

What’s in the msia news today? Rather depressing if anyone checked out the online news. Snatch-theft is going on so frequently this pass few months. Me walking at the quite late hours at night in Malang seem safer than back home.
Hurm… don’t get paranoid yeah… it’s relatively safe and i take enough precaution to prepare for the ‘flight and fight’ situations. *touch-wood*

One of the new i particularly caught me attention- regarding foreign students.

Hostile reception pushes Bostwanian students to the brink of suicide

Malaysians frankly speaking can be

1. very rude and unfriendly- I would say this is some sort of defence mode reacting towards strangers especially of different nationality.

2. We are so direct to the point when we want to get things done or want something pronto.

3. most use teens use witty sarcasm- That i don’t think foreigners can get a grip of it so fast. Sometimes we say it but we don’t mean it; sometimes we do.

4. talking fast- we speak english so fast that it kinda clumps together when hearing

5. slangs- the varisity of slangs are bound to confuse any new ears and what more when we love to code-switch!

6. it’s either we adopt the don’t know, don’t care attitude or KEPOH one.

7. We keep with ourselves alot when there are many of us- naturally it happens in everywhere.

Each person’s psychology is different. How hostile can one be to able to push you to the brink of suicide? If internally a person have so much conflicts and issues, with the external factor pushing that person is bound to burst.

Comparing History of migration, humans back then needed to be physically strong to face the harsh nature and move about; now for humans to migrate the mental and spiritual strength is needed more to face society’s norm.

Arrogant and selfish it may sound and seem, but there is this unwritten rule:

When we (foreigners) are in other’s country, we must learn how to adapt to the ways there. Never the other way around. – VerbatimCries

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