What’s cooking?

Posted on December 20, 2008


Today’s Radiology was pretty much a “what the fish??”! kind of situation.
Half way through the exam this specialist doc came in and told the Regular B class students to buck up on their studies cos 15 students only passed the last exam and Regular A class students did better than them. With a dramatic paused only he continue and refer to my class, telling us nonchalantly with a slightly curved smile on his lips that nine of us only passes the exam!

“WTF??!!” bummer dude!! Seriously, all those were pass year questions and they said only that many passed?!! He’s gotta be pulling our legs! Either they didn’t bother marking our exam papers properly or they raised the marking grade so much higher!

Sigh~ heavy and frustrated we were, we went to distress with ourselves with al-cheapo karaoke sessions and some whack the dummy session. Then off we went on a mission buying belated birthday gifts. Shopping is therapeutic and also a headache when u don’t have an idea on what to get for someone! Arrghh~
All was well in the end, got Plushies!! Lovely, soft ones in the brightest shade that there is!

Window shopping or karaoke session cannot beat the ever most therapeutic activity in the kitchen πŸ˜‰
Finally, I’ve got the time to whip a couple of dishes from zilch experience, only relied on recalling of taste. I had great help from Kuthuk and Yum! My lovely kitchen helpers =) What will i do without them…. i think there would have been lucky 7 starve to death.

Bihun goreng-tom yum
:: fried tom yum bihun::

I felt something was lacking of it…. but they think it taste good! Haha… It’s always the cook who makes the biggest critic! As long they ate happily and were satisfied.

:: Barley and Fu Chuk::

My tastebuds have very low tolerance for sugar. I don’t fancy too sweet of a drink unless it is really meant to be. 4 ppl against 3 said that the barley drink wasn’t sweet enough. I can’t please everyone, and it’s healthier to take less sugar. Gymnema sylvestre betul la this four mangkuks!

Hmm… Apparently, the Chinese and Indian make barley drink differently. We all got to know the difference at the end of the day. Chinese just like adding Fu Chuk and Gingko nut if it’s available πŸ˜‰ If not it would be the same as how anyone does it. Gingki Nut increases the brain memory effectiveness. I need those soon!

Batik kerang- lala
:: Stir fry Lala (clams) with dried chillies::

Oh my, clams @ la la @ kerang batik were sold so cheaply in Giant!! Yum got so excited and wanted me to cook for her. Hahahaa… So we bought nearly 1kg of clams! I got to say this is one of the better dishes i made so far for a first timer.

I enjoy cooking as long there are guinea pigs with big appetites and someone there to prepare the condiments for cooking!! I hate the cutting, chopping and cleaning up part.Β  Lol! Whatever it is, i’ve still have no confidence of preparing meals for the family… not yet anyway. Still in thoughts.

Presentation is not my forte.
Why bother?
When the food at the end of the day is going to be metabolize in the Gastrointestinal Tract system =)

Glad i did some kitchen work and the food session went well. A month ago, out of the blue my Indian chummies had a big cook out session in conjunction of Deepavali! I didn’t help out at all because of long list of activities to get done. The food was wonderful! Lip-smacking Indian cooking! A rare treat indeed, because the IronChef refuse to cook frequently to our request 😦 Hard to bargain with this woman.

Tomato Rice
:: Nasi Tomato::

Long beans
:: Curry chicken (L), Vegetables, tahu sambal::

Vegetable Kumar
:: Vegetables Kumar::

Tahu Sambal and Cabbage

::Shredded Cabbage/ cap chai::

Bahagianya aku!! To have such friends !