Jingle Bell Jingle bell Jingle Bell rocks…

Posted on December 23, 2008


*humming a Xmas tune*

Inside i’m not in a festive food mood i mean. I feel bloated and a little down, and have crappy feelings. Sigh, optimism flew off when i was sneezing all day today.

Holy Crap! Semester 5 is ending soon, and i still feel pretty much empty in the head. I can actually hear hallow sounds when i knock on it. THat’s bad! All of sudden i’m getting uneasy feeling of whether i’m learning anything. I’m getting paranoid (or is it just the coffee talking?). I need a day off with the family or someone close and familiar with me.

Drasted flu… i had from last night till today. I so was looking forward to prance and frolic in the kitchen- making tang yuen because it was a sign that i should make some and share some… actually i just want to roll some balls!

short post from a discontented soul… and i feel old! hahaha
*needs to get back to Thesis proposal*
p/s: stupid proposal can make me miserable, and i know is a state of mind.