Joy to the World

Posted on December 26, 2008


…. the lord has come!

I woke up at noon feeling lethargy, hoping the 3 days of flu will wear off with the excessive rest i had the night before. Unfortunately, the virus lay dormant when i slept and work it’s way to irritate me throughout the day, making me feel tired, red-sore nose due to excessive of nose blowing, watery eyes and unhappy me. Couldn’t get any work done at all.

I went to the Catholic Church at Ijen with the girls except for Kuthuk. The church was a full house despite the mass was over. Going there this time didn’t freak me out like the last year. I enjoyed myself this time and manage to accquire some peace within since last night was quite the ‘bomb’. Last year decoration was better according to IronChef, (hehehe) vague memories of it i still have, it was an all white theme, down to every minute detail. White roses, white Lilies and white Tulips were the main attraction that year.

This year it’s pretty simple.


love the sliver tassles hanging down from the ceilings, it was all shimmering from the distance.


The priest doing his thingy-majingy.

For the 40 minutes of my time in church, i was blissfully free from upper respiratory tract infection! Amen!  That is some blessing from Mother Mary. As for now, my nose is stuffy and sore, me ain’t liking it.

Had dinner in Canton which is situated at Jalan Guntur of Oro-oro Dowo market. It’s a HALAL chinese restaurant that sells cantonese food. Personally, it ain’t Cantonese cuisine at all. It has been modified to the taste buds of the locals here.

Place was packed with church goers that came back from the mass. For the first time in two weeks, all 5 of us only got together. We were all so busy with out Methodology TA @ thesis proposal, that we’ve not seen each other in kost at all except for classes. Some of them manage to finish their work with their own lecturers, some of us are at the point of finishing.

Aneka Hotplate

sizzling hot plate @ Aneka Hotplate

Rip off of a dish! Small sizzling platter that consist of: squid, prawns, chicken. It was suppose to have beef but i opt not to and the quail eggs were not in the dish! So much Rp.35k

Of all my frequenting times there, this has got to be the starchiest meal i’ve ever had in Canton and it’s the 2nd restaurant here that serves so much of starch in their food after IKANA. *eeeeYuk*


haahh… miss my chummies.<3

Yesterday cannot be describe in one word to express how am i to feel.
Yesterday was the last class for the 5th Semester. I am going to miss Ethics lecture especially from Dr.Eriko. She’s the best and liveliest lecture from Forensic, love her humour.

After class i made many, many, many, many balls of Tong Yuen. hehehe. I guess i was standing for 4-5 hours kneading the dough, boiling the soya milk. It was a satisfactory self attempt and pleases me that it turn out quite well, according to those who ate it ;P hahaha
Why the sudden notion of making Tong Yuen. Well.. er hurm… story goes like this:
Someone sent me a Chinese sms text on Happy Solstice Festival and Merry Xmas, being the half-a-bucket Chinese around i didn’t realise the Solstice festival was around the corner. I was informed that it was on the 23rd of December from him. To my dismay, i got conned! It was actually on Sunday, and that i only knew when i read thestar online and was asked by Jea whether i am making balls. WTH… i’ve edi set my mind on making it on the 23rd and so i did! I manage to share with many of my favourite people around.

Sweet Potato Tang Yuen with Soya Milk

Sweet potao tong yuen in soya milk

To those who actually offered to wash up for me thanks for offering, if only you were a girl i would take up that offer :p
Thanks to Kuthuk who secretly went and wash all the pots and utensils when i was out <3<3

Although i like to do things quite on the spur at most times but i don’t like it when things that was planned so long ago goes awry. Really potong steam! Regardless of what happen last evening, i should throw some praises to the rain for pouring, leaving everyone indoor, hungry, discontented and best of all ending the matter by going for a Xmas eve dinner as planned.

Instead of Pizza Hut, we went to Canton (again! Yes, there is something about that place that i too often like to frequent with cliques).


Food was piping HOT that the steam was captured by the camera. 9 out of 11 were very jakun when they saw the portion of the food! Hahaha. Seriously, most of the students who came from Msia to Malang to study, the size of our gaster@stomach shrunk! This has got to do with the infrequent eating habits of most students who are too busy in Uni. The breaktime we have here is short and only once for the wholeday.

So much food was ordered! I guess Jo was so hearty and jovial like santa that night when he ordered that much of food! =p


The expression from Walaueh really makes me laugh!! ok, so heated arguments will lead to hunger. This pic proves it all on the drooling expression of Walaueh! Haha

Es Menado

Es Menado

The best dessert drink by far! Too think i was the only weird person who enjoys soursop last time in Jatinangor, turns out i’m not the odd one out YO!! hahaha I’m feeling like Marty who found his herd of Zebra’s in Madagascar 2!


When you’re full, you’re happy. The pic tells me they look tummy filled and contented. Not to forget spastic too!


Groupie pic of the majority of the Chinese Community in Malang.

A random fact i must state here: these ppl are the handful of Chingkies that i can count with my fingers ever since after F5 ( not including HOBS, Genius and Cheers)… ohh MAN!
* heart heart heart x 11*


(a bonus pic thrown in!)

Obviously those are not my slity eyes!