Going.. going… going…

Posted on December 28, 2008


…. MAD…..

exams are sharply around the corner. I feel the need to buy time! THere is so much to read yet so little time! Suffocating here!!  Pharmacology with whooping 12 lectures to read, seminar on antimicrobial drugs, seminar on critical appraisal on pamphlet, Lab reading!! Public Health exam on Before and After UTS!! Pathology Anatomy Lab exam with Theory coming as well!! Presentation on TA proposal!! WTF man!!

I’m Dying Insanely inside!! HELP! HELP HELP….. *drowns*

I wish i was having Major Depression (Unipolar) so that i can escape. Or at least blame on the depression and do badly! WTF… alright… should stop this nonsense. Instead of taking Prozac@ Fluoxetine i think i want some Dopamine! Dopa enhances memory, concentration and problem solving! In need of those now.

Other than that… i was smiling from ear to ear and laughing so much inside cos i’m going

…. PHUKET…..

with the FAMILY!!

For the first time in HISTORY, the oldies decided to bring the whole family overseas!! LOLS!!! Seriously this will be 2nd time only that i’m  going abroad but minus the part staying there for the next 7 years.

This is some sort of motivational for me to work my ass off. Got to say… i very much anticipate this trip for it cost whopping lots of $$. *silently prays that the trip will go well*


What FUN!! BAsking under the sUN!! Okie i dun like the sun much but for the beach and sea it is exceptional!


SAdly… something is bothering me!! I should have bought lots of Sundresses, beach dresses, tank tops and funky shorts! At least one of us got a pretty beach dress to wear 😉 Sighh… i should have bought that two piece suit when it was on sales back in BALI!!

Phuket- AirAsia

Oh well… who careS!! Something different for the CNY!! THat i can’t wait and i need to shed some weight! Hahaha… Giddy with excitement!

Best Gift are given to those who does not ask for it. So Don’t ask or Expect- VerbatimCries

I just Love unexpected Surprises!!

*back to memorising*