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Posted on December 28, 2008


Do you think you are hot?
Hot? Hmm depends on what I wear. I feel like a coup up chicken with books and lecture notes right now. *use your imagination*

Upload a favourite picture of you.
oh oO… sorry no can do. I don’t upload picture of me on my blog but u can see heaps of my pics on Facebook and Friendster.

Why do you like that picture?

The modify question should be: Why don’t i want to put up pictures?
Answer: I value my appearance not being judge by people reading and connecting the persona of me. Plus I don’t want to be another Tash, Dil, and Harriet that post insanely lots of narcissistic picture of me.

When was the last time you ate pizza?

That would be 3 weeks ago, I finished IronChef n her Hunny’s leftover =)

The last song you listen to?

Xmas song by some old chica who pass away recently at the age of 83 (I can remember all this details but not her name! this sucks) SANTA BABY, a gold-digger song.

What name you prefer beside yours?

I used to like the name Avril before the singer came to limelight! Now I don’t. Avril means April in Neanderthal language.

People to tag?

# 261
# Pau
# Rachie

# Jnr-Vic BSS

# Ozzie

* Li

Who is number one?

My Patner in Crime who will be first person I seek out when I get back to the shores of HSH.

Number three is having relationship with?

Heck… i don’t know. But there is always heaps of guys lining up for her 😉

Say something about number five?

Lovely SYT who happens to not look like Msian Chinese but a Hawaiian instead.

How about number four?

Noisy, loud and obnoxious but yeah I still ‘layan jer’ because I take him as an unofficial kin here in all Malangness.

And who is number two?
That’s someone who I cannot describe in words because I need to meet up with and this person is only coming back after I’ve landed my ass here! >.< I merajuk… seriously.

*Bonus question: on No.6
She is the first and Last person i tremendously enjoy taking Bas Sekolah with and go rounding in the park of USJ 5. oooii… bila next cuti?

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