Reflect, Resolute, Remind

Posted on January 1, 2009


:: Rich people’s wonderful display of fireworks ::

No amount of shivering or pilo errection seem to be keeping me warm. It is getting too darn chilly in Malang, never will i thought i would say “COME SHINE, GO RAIN”! Brrr….. I won’t survive in the cold countries i think.

So how was your new year?
Mine i spent it quietly, away from the hustle and bustle of people trying to be somewhere, get somewhere or in the urge to do something fanstabulous because it is NYE after all. I’m satisfied having to spent my time doing one of the mundane routines that i do with my friends, the business kept us away- hence spending quality time with them was how i ended my 2008 in comparison with last year dinner at Royal Priesthood Cafe and out of the spur hitting one of the nigh spot in Malang (which the entree was too freaking expensive)! Entertainment prices increase in two folds when it is the Holiday Season. Money suckers!

I said goodbye to 2008 by:

1) Going grocery shopping after exams- my area on public hols is one of the saddest place you don’t want to be at. There
won’t be any eateries open because of the public hols! Back home, no such thing as all eateries closes their business,
this is the best time to earn some dough.

2) Went to the saloon checking out the latest hair sense. Gotten myself a shorter frinch…. only to convince myself after
midnight that i look terrible in it. I seek consolation that my hair will grow. sigh~ i realise i got a bald spot! Damn!

3) Make instance Payasam with the girls, turn out too watery and had a sudden realisation that NYE’s is the only time
where we can go out for late night supper! My Kost@hostel closes at 1am on NYE only.

4) Finally played with my treasures that i kept for 2 years! Haha only to find out that my friends are too chicken when it
comes to firecrackers. Haha.

::Malang- is easy to get all sorts of firecrackers and fireworks::

5) Watch rich people playing Fireworks in the sky! Beautiful! There is fireworks display at the stroke of midnight that
will last till an hour or more, pass two years i didn’t watch it. Geez… i don’t remember what i did on my first NYE in

:: it rain stars at the witching hour::

6) The two cups of cold coffee that indulge at Teras Cafe really is really good! Hazelnut coffee is reccomended! That i’m
still so wide awake.

7) Had tete-a-tete and laugh so much on reliving childhood past.

Ijen always have spectacular show of fire works! Makes me green in envy because it makes my fireworks look ~BLAH!
There is not much to reflect on what happened in 2008, for i don’t believe in regrets, nor do i keep one. Let the bygones be bygones and not repeated again.
I will not forget the memorable 21st birthday celebration with the few close friends =)
Bromo trip with the girls and going around the crate for the 2nd time.
Visiting Bali and soaking in the culture.
Keeping to my word for being the total opposite of that senior Chen.

As for resolution… i’ve never kept one or make one. But i guess i should to a target in mind… wth… i’m too lazy.

:: late orange sky ::

I kept a small vow of not going anywhere for THIS year to celebrate the ending of a new year or the arriving of the New Year. I did not clubbing or boozing, total clean and spend thrift. Aren’t you proud of me? Lolx!
To my friend’s dismay, in less than 11 hours i went out. She told i’m not the homely kind. Which leaves much to debate.

I went over to MAH place because i promised her and i’ve been sought out by her delightful mom =) I’ve finally made BATIK CAKE again šŸ˜€ I’ve been meaning to make for them for quite some time. Hah… they love it!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Words can’t be lay out on how much i have to say. HOPE u have a great one and
L.O.L !

TRuly Yours~