Posted on January 3, 2009


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In the year 2009 i want to go to this places:

1. BATU for Parasailing in conjunction of turning a year older! Any daredevils interested to join me?
2. PICNIC at either Coban Rondo or Tlogo Mas
(being coup in the room too long does leave me wanting to bask in the sun or see some daylight at least)
3. To be at  Borobudur during WESAK Day (i’ve been waiting to do that ever since i step foot in Indonesia)
4. Bali (again!) but for more fun and basking in the sun purposes during the JULY-AUGUST.
(any takers? I know u want to join too!)
5. Phuket ( The Unexpected! 24 days left)
6. Bale Kambang ( must get them to organise it)

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oooohhh… my wanderlust are all base in Indonesia (except for Phuket) this is because i’m base here more than elsewhere, so my as well do some visitation in the Jawa island. I’m anticipating the chance to go Makassar- just to see their famous spotted cows! Huhuuhu!

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