I-wants Wishlist 2009

Posted on January 5, 2009


Last year a bossom friend told me it was very hard to get something for me… (i’m picky) told me to create a wishlist. Here’s one

1. A set of cosmetics- MAC, Bobbi Brown, Benefit
i’ve run out of the essentials. *hints hints to Dad*
Cosmetic Pictures, Images and Photos

2. Hat- not just any hat but like this! The ones that reminds me back in the 70ties type

taken from http://bibabot.blogspot.com/       THey have some pretty nice fashion clothing.

3. Techy stuff: Bigger internal memory phone card, and MP3 player with bigger memory too!

Pink Bling Pictures, Images and Photos

4. MPP on the GO shoes
I’ve worn this out! I wear tear it to it’s near-to-dying condition, though i think a lil mending here there can prim it up to some use, worst case scenario i will throw it at a stray dog but since there are no dogs in Jawa i will throw it to the CATS here!! By the way, i loath cats- reasons click unexpected greeting and kuching yang banyak songeh.


5. Wanderlust need funds for this 😉

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