Aussies and Msians

Posted on January 6, 2009


Short talk: ” When in Rome, do as the Romans do”

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Immigration is, was and never will be fun. Ominous bank of dark cloud could be seen at some part of the vast sky, it poured so heavily at one section of Malang and did not pour at the other. By the time IronChef and i encountered a series of (comical ) unfortunate events it was already 1pm, after much waiting and loitering for lunch period. The meeting with Pak Immigrasi was good! Couldn’t been more pleasant that it has been, guess he was in a good mood or perhaps it was the ridicule expression i had on my face when i heard a couple of  Aussies talk.

Aussies talk really slow and pronounce each word very clearly despite the slang, that it makes an average-English-speaking Malaysian sounds bad. Malaysians talk very fast in English, it’s kind of like one word will stick to the other, hence like a salad, that untrained ears will mistaken it for mumbles. Their slow going conversation and monotone voice can lull me into sleep or the least turn me disinterested with whatever they have to say. Plus the one thing I like about Malaysian in using English as daily conversation is that we are very expressive 😉 *beams*
Aussie- When do we need to come back here again to do the next procedure? Where must we go after this?
Msian- Hey, when, when?? Where la??

From the way a Malaysian speaks or an Aussie speaks, you can pretty much tell the pace of life in those country have. Aussies are known for their laid back style, everything there is slow going and relaxing; most places closes really early which is by 8pm at most. Malaysians are always busy and in the rush; we are direct, we cut queue when queuing and on the roads, even in sentences we cut them shorter!

I’m sure my Malaysian turn Aussie- Ozzie can tell more funnies of the two nationality and the lil’ Wanderer Ongkie must have a share of stories herself. I wonder how is it in Japan too? Li?

The only time at the immigration office that one of the Aussies turn lively in conversation was when she started cursing the four letter word in every statement and exasperated how bad the procedure system was. *chuckles*

In and out of the year (immigration office), many people have complain about the system but changes have not been made. If there was a change, it is too insignificant to be notice. So why complain? Someone once told me that a sign of such should be put at the immigration office to remind ourselves that



Translate: “Patience is Virtue”