Mandarin Oranges

Posted on January 7, 2009


the oriental fruit
like round ornaments hanging from Christmas Tree
filled with Vitamin C

bountiful harvest it is
where the spring is
such zesty sweetness

that bright orange ball
that delights us all
for it is a sign that Chinese New Year is here!

it is a symbol of gold
given to everyone on CNY
to share the good wealth

but NAY…
how can we distribute golds
that has gold diggers?

Pardon the badly put wordplay… but i couldn’t resist the phrases in the head.

These pics and info i got it from an email.

Mandarin Oranges 3

Mandarin Oranges 2

Mandarin Oranges 1

Chinese new year is drawing near. When buy Chinese oranges please beware of
the worms inside. These worms are very similar to the texture of the orange
and therefore can only be observe if you look carefully (long sighted person
may not notice).

The Chinese government had in fact made effort to destroy hundreds of tons
of these oranges and compensate the farmers for these. But however some
culprit may still sell it illegally. That’s why we need to be careful.

Whether the worms is harmful to the human body or not is still questionable.
But generally if few numbers are consumed it should not make any harm
according to doctors. It is advisable to be careful about it.

The worms are the exactly like the flesh of the fruit! There’s not much colour contrast to tell the larvan and the pulp apart. Please be warn… because for me, i don’t have the habit of starring at my fruit intently before putting it in my mouth, i just chomp, chomp and gobble, gobble. It’s CNY after all, my attention will be everywhere not at the fruit.