Posted on January 12, 2009


This is a ranty rage post with explicit words, and the picture below is not suitable for people who are meticulously clean& tidy and for people who have weak stomachs.

You have been warned!

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:: behind those close doors and corridors lurks something unmistakably foul ::

I live in a unisex Kost@ hostel, i got a cozy room and for the rent i pay, it is quite spacious from what i’ve seen so far.
There are facilities shared,
eg: kitchen and laundry room (thankfully there are no other common places to share!)

But living anywhere, be it a kost or rental house, as long as it is not with your family or better friends… the other people you live with can be irksome.

Living in a kost has it downside…

To think girls are “sugar and spice and everything  nice”, the poet must have purposely left out the fine printings at the end of the poem that

*girls can be utmost unclean like boys too*

Look, Look… See See… what I MEAN??

dirty kitchen
:: ghastly sight ::

There’s this creature(s) who labels themselves females did this! Gosh, i do think they have Patella  for brains!

The pic above is a better scene from the rendition of  Sixth Sense
‘ I see dead fish’ swimming in the sink

Take note of the utterly noted scum and fungus sink!



notice 1
:: cinderella will cry if she sees this ::

I’m appalled at those who did this and feel shameful to be categorize as females with this people.

Surely, you don’t think the notice above is rude do you?

What is rude? in words, thoughts or action?
Let me tell you, Rude comes in 3 forms which are those. Rudest is the one that have the knack, the balls, the loathsome attitude to leave behind clean up work for others to do!

Rude is when you expect someone to clean after you! Rude is when you have no courtesy to think of others when u only selfishly think of yourself!

So whoever, who think that is rude, please introspect yourself first. We can have a catfight, fist fight, verbal banter later. Which ever to your liking, i have my weapon of choice.

My associates and i are no cleaning service ladies that clean up dirty kitchen! After cooking, Kuthuk and i do my part of cleaning service:
1) oily stove- we wipe it
2) spills of curry or sauce on walls and cooking counter- oh yes we clean it too with soap
3) dirty basin and pots and pans- YES we help clean up those we use and make sure after we use the kitchen we leave it neat and tidy for the next person to use.

How can i not get exasperated over this matter?? To use the kitchen now i have to think twice!

As Prof. Joko told me arragontlly : ” I DON’T CARE“! who you are, be it local or my countrymen!
When you’re ought to be told off, you are!

For the second time, I’m APPALLED at the condition of the kitchen right now! THat i  would love to sat the kitchen up ablaze! But for the life of K.NadMaz, i don’t want to smother her with smoke.

For god sake!

notice 2
:: EEJIT isn’t it? To be told what to do. “”

i’ve a right mind to throw out whatever utensils that are not wash, or i clean it up and make sure i lock it up somewhere safe and clean. Yes, i’m not letting you use it!


But since i’m not in authority to do so, i won’t. All i can do is happily rant out in the kitchen and here.

p/s: this has got to be Pet Peeve # 13 and the longest one ever
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