XL Centre

Posted on January 20, 2009


Yesterday i needed to go to Xl Center to retrieve the number that i’ve been using for a long while. So currently, i’ve not many contact numbers in my phonebook.

Trip to Xl Center was a long one. Yam and i got lost like twice but it was a pretty educating ride from campus to there and there to kost.

Xl Center Malang
XL Center,  Jln. Letjen Sutoyo, Malang

Jln. Letjen Sutoyo
The cozy offiice

Xl Center is situated in Belimbing area so transportation wise you can take AG, ASD and ADL there. It’s actually after Hotel Santika and before Mitra 2. You can’t miss it, cos the place is huge! But the office is small.

It cost Rp.18k to replace the SIM CARD with the same number and i had to wait 24 hrs later for the Sim Card to be activated in order to use it.

Friendly guards and workers they have there. It was easy to talk to them.