Fancy “burnt fish”?

Posted on January 21, 2009


Actually what i meant is IKAN BAKAR that literally means burnt fish in Malay. Coming from the same ‘Kepulauan Melayu’, yes the dish is very much popular here in Indonesia too just like Malaysia! The cooking condiments are different though. Will tell more throughout the post 🙂

Ikan Bakar you can find it at most hawker spots, bound to meet have a few in every area. Usually this Ikar Bakar stalls are Al-Fresco, meaning outside never indoors. It’s the same in Indonesia. You can have Ikan Bakar by the beach (Jimbaran, Bali) and Al-Fresco restaurant but never indoors.

May I present you:

:: IKAN BAKAR 52::

It’s been open for nearly one year now. I’ve not been here before until today. The idea of coming to Alun-alun Malang for a meal never strikes me unless i got other matters to be in this place. Hustly and bustle of alun-alun is something i won’t look forward to especially under hot scorching sun.

I usually frequent the IKAN GALUNGUNG for ikan bakar because they have kick-sambal !! I’ve a high threshold for spicy food! Come to think of it, it was Ms.Carey the cousin who took me there. Haha… both of us had some great times there when it comes to glutonny.

What actually caught my attention of the restaurant one year ago wasn’t the food menu but the drink menu pricing on the banner placed outside the restaurant. I’ll show you why,

:: Teh Tawar Rp 100, Butt soup anyone? ::

There i was wondering… “Do they serve tea with tiny chinese tea cups? That one cup cost Rp. 100?”
I don’t drink much after a meal, only sip on drinks to wash off the taste of the meal and prevent from being overly full, obviously i was please to see that!

Check out the Soup section
Sup Buntut in Indonesia is known as Ox-tail soup in Msia aka Sup Ekor (BM)
Butt soup taste like any butt to me, no difference.


The most expensive drink only cos like Rp. 10k which is standard pricing in most restaurants in Malang.

Anyway there was this new drink that for the first time i come across it JUS TERONG BELANDA!!
Now does anyone knows what is that? Durian Belanda (BM) i know it’s called Sirsak in BI and Soursop in English but that? It’s hard to envision brinjal and soursop as one.

Oh ya… Es Mega Mendung is one of my favourites drinks around! MEga in Size and TAste if u have sweet tooth!


:: inside the restaurant ::

Waiters and waitresses all in batik uniform.

:: Dining Area ::

Don’t you love the ambiance? The Restaurant is really big! A place where you may like to have a group of friends to eat and be merry. They have a more secluded sitting area near the washing place but it’s rather stuffy in there.

what we ordered:
:: the satisfying package Rp. 2500 ::

ordered five of that… a basket of rice came for five and turned out we got cheated on our vegetable. For five people heck they gave us very little vege it was the size of small soup chinese soup bowl. As if Sawi is very hard to get now. It was the vege was cooked with urap-urap. By the way, after dinner, the neighboring opposite table i passed on my way out had a big bowl of urap-urap on their dining table which is untouch! Arrgghh… unfair treatment! We girls like our vegetables thank you.


:: Gule Ikan Kakap 1 ekor ::

Curry fish to die for! *YumYum* The shallots did wonders to this santan(coconut milk) dish! A must to order when u come! The best dish out of the four we ordered.
Logically, a person will come to an ” Ikan Bakar” resto to have some burnt fish, but for me i come just to have a fishy meal preferably none burnt. Staying on highlands, away from the sea, sea fish is hard to get unless u go to this kinda resto. If not the only fish you can get in warungs@ kopithiam will be fresh water fish or preserved fish. Why none burnt?
One of the small few reasons i don’t like the ikan bakar here is because after they burnt the fish, the size of the fish shrinks! There will be hardly any white meat to peck on. Secondly, the cooking style for fish are very few. The most famous and common local distinctive style will be using Kecap Manis as marination then bbq it or deep fried the fish. Ugghh… i miss good old steam fish!

Kecap Manis ABC

One can never go wrong with sweet soya sauce in Indonesia. Practically in every food/ dish/ meal they use their sweet sauce. Be it the ABC brand or whatever.

:: Gurame Bakar Kecap/Kacang::

That’s the Kecap style only this comes with the kacang sauce.
Can you spot the carbon on the fish? Anyway Msia’s Ikan Bakar style we used lots of spices and the fish is wrapped up in banana leave when put on the bbq pit to be more precise it should be called grilled fish! Yum yum!

:: Udang masak Asam Manis ::

Tasted sweeter and there was no tinge or sourness. My grandma makes better one using Asam Jawa!
It was a disappointing portion for it’s price.
:: Sapo Tahu Seafood ::

I asked whether it was Japanese taufoo, waiter said yes.  LIAR! It’s either the waiter lied, the cook lied or the kitchen ran out of Japanese taufoo… Hmmppg. So far the best Japanese Taufoo would be in Matos (halal) an d Sukun Murni.

:: washing area with the secluded dining area ::

The total damage done???

:: Rp. 143, 935 for five people ::



If you fancy going somewhere for burnt fish but with an ambiance, this is the place you should check out! Not only the food is affordable and delicious, you are able to dress nicely and smell (smoke free) good after the meal!
IKAN BAKAR 52, Jalan KH Agus Salim, 11, Malang
It ‘s the same road as Mitra 1 along the same row of Martabak Agung only slightly further down.