Holiday Agenda

Posted on January 23, 2009


1. Enjoy Family-Phuket getaway tremendously
it’s a rare treat indeed!
2. Get back to Reading ENGLISH NOVELS

:: 4 books ::

3. make new passport
4. witness Thaipusam (for real this time)
5. head north place by place
6. meet the older clone Ms.Lim
7. BATIK order coming on for Jea
9. Hospital Attachment
10. tinker-tanker with Dad’s DSLR camera


11. get the old body working out
12. Finish my unfinished pieces of Travelogue post
13. do something for the family
14. do something for me


It’s definitely going to be a REAL HIATUS this time since i’m going back later for the long hols! Swell, i blog lots during exam period. It has always been that way. Hahaha.

I seem to have a lot of things planned out for the extra week i spent here, but i use most of my spare time having moments for myself, besides going to campus too often to get some papers/documents done (hassling of course) what i did was:
1) reviving my oh-so-dead-keratin dying hair
2) Chill with some peeps that matter the most
3) went stressing over Gymnema sylvestre again!
4) Get back some of my novels and finish one book in a few days so far 🙂