9th Day of Chinese New Year

Posted on February 4, 2009


All together there are 14 days in total to celebrate CNY.
On the 9th day it is most significant to the Hockkiens and Teochews because this is the day especially for Hockkiens to offer prayers to the Jade Emperor of heaven. Hence, this day is also known as the “Bai Ti Kong” day.

Before the stroke of midnight of the 8th lunar day, all sorts of offerings are set al-fresco.

The importants are: pomelo, angkoo, Chrysanthemum flowers, tea and sugarcanes

Actually there are many more things that are place for offerings but coming from a small family, we make it simple.
The house opposite did not only have the essentials, they light firecrackers (that was so loud, that one could have died from heart attack hearing it), offered roasted pig and burnt some paper money and gold. Obviously, they celebrate grandiosely since that house is centralize, all the family members came down to celebrate this occasion together.

This day is also known as the Jade Emperor’s Birthday, hence mom made red eggs
:: red eggs in the middle of the table ::

When mother was younger, her family used to offer roast pig. Mother is very much into the teachings of Buddhism that she is against it now. Which is good, because roast pig does not come cheap. In such a small family, to whom are we going to distribute the pork meat to?

Hockkiens will offer (display) SugarCanes this because long, long, long time ago, the Hockkiens were under attack, the sugarcane forest protected the Hockkiens who hid in it.

Tea is served because it is a customary protocol for paying respect to a honourable person.

Aside from the bigger celebrations that i’m celebrating, the smaller ones which i consider this as one of it will die out. I told mom that i don’t this custom will be follow by her children. I seriously won’t know what to do on occasions like this or even on Cheng Beng days. I’m afraid that i’ve not follow this custom close to heart. I’ve slight remorse that is going to die out just like that yet i’m not one who is interested to prevail it in the family. I’m afraid.

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